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Welcome to Epsilon-Logic Systems Technical Support page. This web page contains information which will help you on your software development projects that utilize the ELS-Script report tool or ELS-QB query builder component
If you have any problems integrating our product in your custom project and you need technical assitance, please contact technical support via the following e-mail: support@epsilon-logic.net.

In your description of the problem, please make sure you specify the following information:
  Other Information
  • The name and version number of the product you are using,
  • The type and version of the operating system,
  • The type and version number of the database engine,
  • The type and version of the backend operating system,
  • A concise description of the problem you are encountering.
Following these steps will help us clarify the problem and enable us to duplicate the problem on our side, in this way speeding up the process of a possible resolution.

If you have a question about licensing or any other problem concerning purchasing of a product, please contact Sales Department via the following e-mail: sales@epsilon-logic.net

For all other questions, please send e-mail to info@epsilon-logic.net
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