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Epsilon-Logic Systems is currently aspiring to introduce the most sophisticated data retrieval and report making tools to the current market. We have achieved in releasing several software products including a masterpiece software system, namely ELS-Script report tool.

Here is a more concise list of our products that are already in the market:
  • ELS-Script - a revolutionary tool for web reporting
  • ELS-QB ActiveX - a query builder component
  • Office-QB - a sophisticated query builder tool
  Other Information
Our near future development plans are the creation and release of the following products:
  • ELS-DQB - a suite of Distributed Query Builder components
  • ELS-Script Enterprise - the .NET compatible version of the ELS-Script Report Tool, which will support XML serialization and our ELS-DQB technology
  • ELS-DM Enterprise - a Data Miner's package, which will contain new versions of ELS-QB, ELS-DQB, as well as other components

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