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Epsilon-Logic Systems is a well founded software manufacturing firm, established and incorporated in 1996. In recent years, the organization took a huge step towards the development of new technology in the area of report tools. As a result, the ELS-Script software, a revolutionary report tool emerged.
In the last quarter of year 2000, Epsilon-Logic Systems released the ELS-QB ActiveX component, the only query builder component of its kind available on the market. This small component proved to be very effective in advancing the current state of the report technologies. Many companies incorporated ELS-QB in their specialized report tools, in this way, integrating a sophisticated query builder graphic interface into their applications.
Originally, ELS-QB was just one of the more than a dozen modules of the grand software system, namely the ELS-Script report tool. After crossing a long series of development hurdles, this later product finally made it to its Introductory Release in June 2003.
  Other Information
The story of ELS-Script is an interesting one. Original first plans of the project started all the way back in 1998, in the form of intense research and development. These plans did not materialize however until at the end of year 2000, and on January 2001, a draft version of the design specification was finally completed. Implementation work began in early 2001, and by the end of the year almost 80% of the software system was essentially complete. In the year 2002, Epsilon-Logic Systems just like all software manufacturing companies experienced some financial difficulties, and for a while the continuation of the ELS-Script project was interrupted. The project finally was revived by the dedicated efforts and will of the collective engineering and technical staff, who sacrificed a lot of their valuable time working on the final modules of the software system.

After the first release of ELS-Script software system, Epsilon-Logic Systems will direct all efforts and engineering resources towards the following goals:
  • Extension of ELS-Script to XML data support
  • Addition of Standard Report Templates and Report Wizards
  • Improve the visual report design methods
  • Develop the new ELS-DQB (Distributed Query Builder) components
  • Incorporate distributed query and data connection methods in ELS-Script
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