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Office-QB Pro 2.1: The Query Builder for Office Environment

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Offer expires March 15, 2004

Office-QB is a visual query builder application designed specially for the needs of general office environment. With the project and database connection management GUI interface of Office-QB, it is very simple to create complex queries against any back-end database engine. It has integrated data transfer features via which data may be transferred between different types of data sources. The HTML and e-mail output capabilities are powerful features, with which one may export query results directly in HTML format, or e-mail them via the Mail Query menu of Office-QB. In addition, the professional version 2.1, comes with complete export features, to export query results directly in Fixed/Delimited Text, dBASE, CSV and XML formats.

Main Features More Information
  • MS-Access style query building visual interface
  • Project manager with recent projects explorer
  • Multiple database connection manager with built-in storage support
  • Data browser pane integrated with the Connection and other panes
  • View database object information or script in the Data Browser pane
  • Construct joins via simple drag-drop method using the Relations pane
  • MS-Access style group, sort, and criteria construction via the Columns pane
  • Columns toolbar combo-buttons comprising all the SQL functions including data conversion, date, aggregate, rounding, masking and other functions
  • Supports all database types including MS-Access, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL and all ODBC compliant OLE DB providers
  • Built-in file processing and file storage support for the manipulation of queries
  • Syntax colored SQL editor with advance editing features
  • Sophisticated SQL parser that will translate any valid SQL statement into the visual Relations and Columns panes
  • Show / Hide toggle buttons to maximize desired pane view
  • Copy / Paste features to transfer data from Office-QB to other applications
  • Integrated and easy to use data transfer tool to transfer bulk data between data sources
  • Feature for exporting and printing the content of the SQL pane and query results
  • Export query results directly in Fixed/Delimited Text, CSV (for Excel), dBASE and XML file formats
  • HTML output function for one step HTML output of query results
  • Email query results directly from Office-QB
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Snapshot of Office-QB
  • The snapshot shows the Query tab-view, in which queries are created via visual Relations, Columns and SQL panes.
  • The query is executed via the blue-arrow toolbar button, which displays the query result in the Result tab-view.
  • The result of the query in the Result tab-view may be printed, exported via copy/paste method.
  • The user may edit data directly from the query result displayed in the grid of the Result tab-view.
  • The user may export the query results directly in HTML, XML, Fixed/Delimited Text, CSV and dBASE formats.
  • The user may send e-mails containing the query result directly via the Mail Query menu of Office-QB (see the topmost window in the snapshot).

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