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With the ELS-QB ActiveX component you can put advance query builder interface in your Visual Basic application with just few lines of code. This interface will generate SQL statement in the same manner as Microsoft Access and SQL Server. Moreover, the latest version of the component comes with export APIs, to export query results directly in text, CSV, dBASE or XML.

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Query Builder Tool

Office-QB is a visual query builder tool  designed specially for the needs of general office environment. With the project and database connection management GUI interface of Office-QB, it is very simple to create complex queries against any back-end database engine. It has integrated data transfer features via which data may be transferred between different types of data sources. The HTML and e-mail output capabilities are powerful features, with which one may export query results directly in HTML format, or e-mail them via the Mail Query menu of Office-QB. Office-QB Professional comes with new export features, with which the user can export the query results directly in Fixed/Delimited Text, CSV, dBASE and XML.

Web Reporting Tool
ELS-Script is a comprehensive reporting solution that can be used in both: server-based or server-less platforms, to deliver paper-oriented and web-based reports. The report template is based on Open Document Structure utilizing DHTML and XML document standards.
The software package with its new release of version 3.0, comes with a new breed of report engine equipped with HTTP 1.1 compression, an intuitive SCRIPT language, a visual DHTML Report Designer, a SCRIPT Editor (with full IntelliSense support), a Query Builder, a Datashape Builder, an extended SQL Editor, as well as, several other important tools.
We encourage the public to download the trial version of the entire package for the purpose of study and evaluation.

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