The SQL pane

The SQL pane is by itself a complete and fully syntax colored editor, with cut, copy, paste, find, replace, multiple do/undo and other operations (see Figure 1.10). The actions performed in the Relations and Columns panes affect the content of the SQL pane producing an SQL statement, which eventually may be executed against the database defined by the currently active database connection.

Using the SQL functions toolbar the user may also insert SQL functions with arguments taken from the currently selected field-columns in the Columns pane. These actions will simply insert string segments into the SQL pane at the current location of the cursor, comprising of the desired SQL function syntax with the selected field names as arguments.

The user may enter SQL commands directly into the SQL pane without the use of the other panes, in which case the user needs to synchronize all panes via the Check SQL Syntax toolbar button.

Figure 1.10. Showing the SQL pane with syntax coloring