The Options dialog

In the Options dialog, the user may set some global parameters for the Office-QB application as a whole. There are two tabs in this dialog (see Figure 10 and 11 for more details).

        The Query tab, which contains the Query Timeout and the Editable query results controls,

        The HTML/MIME tab, which contains some options for the HTML/MIME output format,


Figure 10. Showing the Query tab of the Options dialog

Figure 11. The HTML/MIME tab of the Options dialog

The Query Timeout parameter controls the timeout delay interval for a query execution. That is, if a query takes a longer time then specified to return records, then Office-QB will stop the execution and report a query timeout expire error message. For most purposes a value of 120 seconds is enough time to execute queries with millions of records.
The Editable query results check-box controls the edit capability of Office-QB in the Result tab-view. To be able to edit the result of queries you must have this check-box checked.

The Include description section check-box of the HTML/MIME tab controls the inclusion of an empty Description section in the HTML output. This is specially useful in the case of e-mail output, where the user may enter some comments about the query result.
The Include SQL command text check-box controls the inclusion of the SQL command text for the query, above the query result output.
The Include ELS-logo in the footnotes check-box controls the inclusion of the Office-QB logo as a footnote at the bottom of the query result output.