The Main Toolbar

Essentially a query is displayed via the Relations, Columns and SQL panes, which are contained in the Query tab of the query builder screen. The visibility of the panes of the query builder interface may be toggled, so that the user may hide any of the five panes to maximize the appearance of the other panes.

This toggling of the panes may be controlled via the first five toggle buttons of the toolbar (see Figure 1.5.). In addition to these toggle buttons the toolbar contains the Check SQL Syntax, Execute and Stop buttons. The Execute and Stop buttons work together, so that the Stop button is enabled only when a query execution is in progress.

Figure 1.5. Showing the toolbar buttons

The Check SQL Syntax button will check the syntax of the SQL statement in the SQL pane against the backend database engine.

When a query is executed via the Execute button the result of the query is displayed in the grid of the Result tab-view.