Exporting and Printing

The export and print features apply to both the content of the SQL pane and the content of the Result tab-view. In particular, using copy/paste operations the user may copy the content of the SQL pane to the clipboard, and then paste this content into another text editor application. The user may also print the content of the SQL pane to get a hardcopy of the query text. In addition to the export and print operations there are Find and Replace operations that may be applied on the content of both the SQL pane and Result tab-view.

In the case of the Result tab-view, the copy/paste operation is more useful, since any segment of the result grid may be copy/paste into other MS-Office applications (e.g. Excel, Word, etc.). The user may also print the result of a query via the Print menu item.

In addition to this copy/paste and print methods, Office-QB Professional has export commands that will export the query result directly in Delimited or Fixed Text, CSV (for Excel), dBASE III and XML file formats. To export the result of a query, in the Query tab select the Export Result menu item under the Command menu. This will display the Export Query As dialog, in which you must enter the filename and select the desired format type from the Save as type combo-box.