Defining SQL Manually

The user may define a query directly via the SQL pane, using this pane as an SQL editor. To check the validity of the SQL text that is entered manually into the SQL pane, the user may habitually use the F5 short-key to trigger the Check SQL Syntax button (or alternatively click this button). This will check the SQL text against the backend database defined by the current data access connection. One may also copy / paste text from external programs into the SQL pane, for example the user may use the Get Details command over the DB Browser pane, from which text may be copied to be pasted directly into the SQL pane.

Direct entry into the SQL pane is indispensable when the query is one of the following types:

        INSERT SQL statement,

        UPDATE SQL statement,

        DELETE SQL statement,

We should emphasize that in the current version of Office-QB application, the Relations and Columns panes may be useless for such SQL statements, and therefore Office-QB interface may be used only as an SQL editor.

Office-QB used as an SQL editor, also supports Data Definition Language SQL commands, for example you may use CREATE, DROP, ALTER, etc.