Creating and Saving a Query

To create a new query for a particular connection one may use the New menu item from the popup menu (see Figure 1.3), with the right-mouse button click on that connection node. This will create a query child node under this connection node, and will open this new query into the query builder panes. By default any new query has the name New Query, which may be modified by a second left-mouse click on the query node making the node label editable.

Figure 1.3. Showing the popup menu

The user may open an existing query into the query builder by double-clicking on the node corresponding to that query. Only one query may be open for edit at the same time (i.e. similar to SDI documents).

Alternatively, the user may create a new query based on an existing query by simply copying the existing query via the Copy menu item of the right-mouse popup menu, and then using the Paste menu item of this same popup menu triggered on the connection node, the user may paste a copy of the existing query with the name prefixed by Copy_of_ string.

To save modifications to a query the user may use the Save Query menu item under the File menu. This will store the query changes in the binary file for the connection, over which the query is defined. Note that each connection has a different binary file with the name derived from the name of the connection node, for example: if the connection node name is MyConn, the binary filename will be MyConn.con. In general, the file extension CON will be used for connection binary files.