ELS-Script Common Questions
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The following are some of the frequently asked questions:

What is ELS-Script software intended to be used for?
ELS-Script is a comprehensive reporting solution that can be used in both: server-based or server-less platforms, to deliver paper-oriented and web-based reports. It is based on report templates with open document structure utilizing DHTML and XML document standards. The software package with its new release of version 3.0, comes with a new breed of report engine equipped with HTTP 1.1 compression, an intuitive SCRIPT language, a visual DHTML Report Designer, a SCRIPT Editor (with full IntelliSense support), a Query Builder, a Datashape Builder, an extended SQL Editor, as well as, several other important tools.

How is ELS-Script priced and licensed?
The complete package of ELS-Script software is currently priced below 200 dollars price tag, which includes the following modules: Report Designer with integrated Query Builder, Data Shape Builder, SCRIPT Editor and SQL Editor, and the run-time report engine, along with deployment kit and full source code of the sample applications. This package is licensed per developer, while the run-time report engine is royalty free. Therefore, unlike other server-based report packages in the market, the ELS-Script has royalty free report server. This makes the product extremely affordable solution for server-based web reporting.

Is the report server really royalty free?
Yes indeed, the report server is completely royalty free and is included in the deployment package ELSSREDK. Along with the ELSRepGenE.DLL report engine, this package contains a server-based ASP application with full source code. You may download this deployment package and immediately run it from your IIS web server. Please also visit the online demo with the report server in action, at the following URL: www.elsscript.net/mainpage.htm.

Can I use the report engine with my web hosting service provider?
Assuming that you have deployed the report engine on your local IIS web server and that you are ready to deploy your server-based web reporting solution on the Internet, you will be faced with two scenarios depending on where your web site will be hosted. If your company owns a web server that connects to the Internet through wide enough bandwidth, and you want to deploy your web reporting solution in-house, then you have no problem, and all you need to do is to install and register the ELSRepGenE.DLL component on your web server and deploy it from there. On the other hand, if your company does not own such a web server with wide bandwidth connection to Internet, then you may be faced with the mercy of your web hosting company that may be reluctant to install any third party component on their web server (without an outrageous fee). In such cases we recommend our web hosting plan that comes with enterprise web reporting solution, a standard web hosting plan and dedicated service, all with a fraction of the cost of other dedicated web hosting companies. For further details about Enterprise Web Reporting Solution, please click here.

How practical is ELS-Script for web reporting?
ELS-Script is the most practical and yet extremely affordable solution for genuine web reporting. Other server-based web reporting solutions on the market have outrageous prices for their report server, often exceeding several thousands dollars per CPU, to just start the deployment of their solution. And after these huge costs the report server will often not pass your minimal requirements and demands. In contrast, ELS-Script package has a royalty free report server, while the entire package is less than 200 dollars. And it can be deployed in few simple steps, it is robust, integrates seamlessly with Internet protocols, and extremely practical for real time web reporting.

Which components of the ELS-Script software are royalty free to distribute?
The following parts of ELS-Script are royalty free:

CAUTION: The following design-time components are NOT royalty free:

What do you mean by the SCRIPT language?
In ELS-Script a report template is completely based on a scripting language called SCRIPT. This language has a flavor very similar to the MS-SQL Server procedural language and Visual Basic syntax. The scripting usage is very similar to any web scripting language such as JavaScript, VBScript or ASP. It is intended to be used intertwined with HTML code, which eventually becomes the output format of the report.

What are the advantages of ELS-Script report template being fully scriptable?
The main advantage is that the report template has an open document structure and is therefore flexible to be used with any web script language or component. Besides this fact, developers may leverage such architecture by developing front-end report wizards and standard report template that are tailored to the requirements of their information systems.

Does this mean that I have to deal with complex scripting to make a report?
No, in fact, a beginner may use only simple visual design methods or even point-and-click methods of the report wizards to accomplish the creation of any standard report.

How can I create a standard report without learning the details of SCRIPT language?
Use SRT Wizard report wizards via the following steps: From File menu select New Report menu command, then in the New Report dialog make sure that Use Standard Template Wizard radio-option is selected. Then submit this dialog, and select a report template wizard from the list of Standard Report Templates. Submit the Select Standard Template window and follow the steps of the selected SRT Wizard's questions. For more details please consult Getting Started menu under the Help menu of the Report Designer application.

Which database types does ELS-Script support?
ELS-Script package supports all types of databases via OLE DB or ODBC connection. In particular, the Query Builder module of the Report Designer fully supports the following database types: MS-SQL Server, MS-Access, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL and FoxPro.

Can I make a report based on XML data?
ELS-Script has full support for direct XML data manipulation, this includes direct XML read and write, as well as the usage of XSL, XSD, XLink and XPath technologies. Moreover, these technologies are available via direct SCRIPT objects as rich as MSXML classes.

Can I use ELS-Script in .NET?
Yes, the current version of the report engine has COM interface, therefore you can use it in .NET via COM InterOp. The package contains VB.NET sample application with full source code illustrating the usage. In addition to this sample, you may also check for C# and ASP.NET sample application on our web sites.
Future releases of ELS-Script will have a fully Managed Code version of the report engine.

How can I deploy the report engine on my IIS web server?
You may want to download the report engine deployment kit ELSSREDK from our web sites. This package contains HTML documentation on the deployment along with ASP sample application.

Can I deploy the report engine as a client-side windows forms application without any web server?
Yes you indeed can, ELS-Script report engine may be used both in server-based and server-less platforms. Unlike other reporting solutions, in ELS-Script no IIS web server or other web server is required for client side windows forms applications.

Where can I find an ASP sample application?
You may want to download the deployment kit ELSSREDK from the following download URL: www.epsilon-logic.net/ELSSDownloads.asp

Is there an ASP.NET sample application?
Yes, look for deployment kit version 3.0, ELSSREDK30, at the following download URL: www.epsilon-logic.net/ELSSDownloads.asp

Is the current report engine fully managed code .NET component?
The latest version of ELS-Script is version 3.0, which has been entirely built with the VS.NET technology. The run-time report engine ELSRepGenE.DLL is however not yet fully Managed Code. Future versions of the report engine will have a fully Managed Code .NET implementation.