Syntax:             BOOL ShowPane (long nPane, BOOL bShow);

Return Value:    TRUE if the pane toggle operation was performed successfully and FALSE otherwise


                        nPane           Specifies the ELS-QB componentís pane to be toggled and may be any of the following values:

                                                QB_RELATION_PANE               = 1

                        QB_COLUMNS_PANE               = 2

                        QB_SQL_PANE                        = 3

                        QB_CONNECTION_PANE          = 4

                        QB_DBBROWSER_PANE         = 5

                        bShow          Specifies the further visibility of the pane


Call this method to show / hide the specific pane.

ELS-QB componentís interface consists of five panes that may be toggled into a view individually with the only constrain that at any given moment at least one of the following panes:

            Relations Pane,

            Columns Pane,

            SQL Pane

is visible.

Note: If this method is never called, then all panes are shown by default.


This sample code shows how to allow the end user to toggle in view a specifiedPane of ELS-QB control.

// Some command handler

void CELS_QBDemoView::OnCommandToggleRelPaneInView()


BOOL bVisible= m_QBCtrl.IsPaneVisible(QB_RELATION_PANE);

m_QBCtrl.ShowPane(QB_RELATION_PANE, !bVisible);