Syntax:             BOOL SetFontType (LPCTSTR sFontType, long lFontSize);

Return Value:    TRUE if the specified font is set and FALSE otherwise.


sFontType       Pointer to a string that specifies the typeface name of the font.

lFontSize       Specifies fontís size value.


Call this method to set the current font of ELS-QB componentís SQL pane or Result view to the specified font.


Here is an exerpt from ELS_QBDemo project thah illustrates the usage of SetFontType () method of ELS-QB component.

             void CELS_QBDemoView::OnViewFont()


// This will open the common dialog for fonts

// and applies new settings to the font of the

// SQL pane, Result tab or the OUTPUT window of

// the ELS_QB Control

  CFontDialog dlg;

if (dlg.DoModal() == IDOK)

if(!m_QBCtrl.SetFontType(dlg.GetFaceName(), dlg.GetSize()/10))

AfxMessageBox(_T("Not applicable"));