Syntax:             BOOL SetConnectionName (LPCTSTR sConnName);

Return Value:    TRUE if the Connection pane is visible, a connection node is active and the renaming of this connection node was successful. Otherwise returns FALSE.


                        sConnName    Specifies the new name, to be used to rename the currently active connection node.


Call this method to rename the currently active or open connection node.


This sample code shows how to rename currently active connection in ELS-QB component..

BOOL CELS_QBDemoView::RenameConnection(LPCTSTR lpstrNewName)
     CString strCurrName = m_QBCtrl.GetConnectionName();
     if(strCurrName.IsEmpty())  // no active connection exists
          return false;
     if(strCurrName != lpstrNewName)
          return m_QBCtrl.SetConnectionName(lpstrNewName);

     return true;