Syntax:             BOOL OpenConnection(LPCTSTR sDummyConnName, LPCTSTR sConnStr);

Return Value:    TRUE if the internal connection string variable is well defined and the connection has been opened successfully, otherwise the returned value is FALSE


                        sDummyConnName       Pointer to a string representing default connection name.

sConnStr                      Pointer to a string representing the connection string. This string may be the empty string, in which case the SetConnection function must be used to define the proper connection string. Otherwise, sConnStr must contain a proper connection string.


Call this method to define and open a new dynamic connection specified by the sConnStr connection string.


This following code demonstrates how to create, save and close connectiondynamically in ELS-QB component..


CString strConnName = _T(“Northwind”),strConnStr;

// Sample connection string

strConnStr = _T(“Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;”)

_T(“Persist Security Info=False;”)

_T(“User ID=sa;”)

_T(“Initial Catalog=Northwind;”)

_T(“Data Source=SERVER1”);

if(m_QBCtrl.OpenConnection(strConnName, strConnStr))