Syntax:             BOOL Import (  BOOL nIsAppend,

LPCTSTR sConnName,

LPCTSTR sDatabase,

LPCTSTR sTableName);

Return Value:    TRUE if the Import dialog is displayed successfully, otherwise FALSE.


nIsAppend         Specifies whether to select the Append to an existing table or the Insert into a new table radio-button in the Import dialog when initially displayed.

sConnName      Pointer to a string that specifies the connection name to select in the Select destination connection list-box of the Import dialog.

sDatabase       Pointer to a string that specifies the database name to select in the Database Name combo-box of the Import dialog.

sTableName     Pointer to a string that specifies the name of the table in which the result of the currently active query will be imported (i.e. the value of the Table name edit-box of the Import dialog).


Call this method to display the Import dialog from ELS-QB component.Note that the arguments SConnName, sDatabase, sTableName could be NULL.

Note: Check the section on Transferring Data Between Connections.


This sample code shows how to invoke Import dialog window withinELS-QB control that if not ccanceled will perform import operation in accordance with the end user data input.

      void CELS_QBDemoView::OnCommandImport()


// This will invoke Import Dialog window and

// perform data transfere afterwards.     

m_QBCtrl.Import(m_bAppendToTable, NULL, NULL, NULL);