Syntax:             BOOL DoIdle ( long lCount);

Return Value:    TRUE if operation successful, otherwise FALSE.


                        lCount   Specifies the number.


Call this method to allow ELS-QB component to perform its idle task processing.


This sample code shows how to call DoIdle () method of ELS-QB Component from overriden OnIdle() of host application. It is done  to let ELS-QB Component to perform its Idle processing task.

Particularily such a call becomes necessary when invoking Print Preview dialog within ELS-QB Component to properly update dialog’s Command UIs.


BOOL CELS_QBDemoApp::OnIdle(LONG lCount)


CMDIFrameWnd* pFrame = (CMDIFrameWnd*)AfxGetApp()->m_pMainWnd;

CMDIChildWnd* pChild = (CMDIChildWnd *) pFrame->GetActiveFrame();

CELS_QBDemoView* pView =(CELS_QBDemoView *)pChild->GetActiveView();

if(pView != NULL )


return CWinApp::OnIdle(lCount);