object.ShowColumnsToolbar  bVisible

bVisible - Specifies the further visibility of the Columns pane’s functions toolbar (0 or 1).


Call this method to show / hide the Columns pane’s functions toolbar of  ELS-QB component.


ShowColumnsToolbar method returns True if the operation was successful, otherwise False.

Note: by default (i.e if ShowColumnsToolbar() function is not used yet) the Columns pane’s functions toolbar of  ELS-QB component is always visible.


This sample code shows how to allow the end user to toggle visibility of the Columns pane's functions toolbar of ELS-QB control.

gbColPaneTBVisible = True

' Some command handler

Private Sub itmCmdToggleColPaneTBDisplay_Click()

    If ELS_QBCtrl.ShowColumnsToolbar(Not gbColPaneTBVisible)Then

    gbColPaneTBVisible = Not gbColPaneTBVisible

    End If

End Sub