object.SetSQLEditorFont  lpszFontName,  bItalic,  bBold,  lSize

lpszFontName - Specifies the typeface name of the font to be set.

bItalic          - Specifies if the font to be set is Italic or not.

bBold           - Specifies if the font to be set is Bold or not.

lSize             - Specifies the size of the font to be set.


Call this method to set the font of the SQL pane editor of  ELS-QB Component.


SetSQLEditorFont method returns True if the operation was successful, False otherwise.


This sample code shows how to set SQLeditor pane or Result tab grid font of ELS-QB Control.

Public Sub FntSetup()

    ' Set Cancel to True.

    On Error GoTo ErrHandler

    Dim nActiveTab

    With frmMDI.cmnDlgFont

            .CancelError = True

            .Flags = cdlCFEffects Or cdlCFBoth

            ' Display the Font dialog box.


            If ELS_QBCtrl.GetActiveTab() = 0 Then

                ELS_QBCtrl.SetSQLEditiorFont .FontName, .FontItalic,.FontBold, .FontSize

            End If

            If ELS_QBCtrl.GetActiveTab() = 1 Then

                ELS_QBCtrl.SetGridFont .FontName, .FontItalic,.FontBold,

.FontSize, .FontStrikethru, .FontUnderline, .Color

            End If

        End With

        Exit Sub


        ' User pressed Cancel button.

        Exit Sub

  End Sub