object.QueryStatus  nCommand

nCommand        Identifies the command to query status of.

The ELS-QB component supports a variety of commands that can beexecuted against the current contents of the SQL pane or Result window. These include commands to format the text, cut and paste, select or find and more.The commands are executed by calling the DoCommand() method and passing to it one of the following command IDs of ELS-QB component:


QB_CMD_UNDO                                   = 1,

            QB_CMD_REDO                                   = 2,

            QB_CMD_CUT                                      = 3,

            QB_CMD_COPY                                   = 4,

            QB_CMD_PASTE                                  = 5,

            QB_CMD_SELECTALL                          = 6,

            QB_CMD_FIND                                     = 7,

            QB_CMD_REPLACE                             = 8,

            QB_CMD_PRINT                                   = 9,

            QB_CMD_PRINT_PREVIEW                  = 10,

            QB_CMD_PAGE_SETUP                       = 11


Call this method, passing the same command IDs, to determine whether the command isvalid in the current state of the ELS-QB component, for further conditional execution of the command.


QueryStatus method returns True if the command is applicable and False otherwise.


For Sample of QueryStatus usage see Sub tbUITimer_Timer() of frmMDI or mnuEdit_Click() of frmELS_QB in ELS_QBDemoVB project.