object.ConnectionEdit  bEnable

bEnable  - Specifies whether to enable / disable (e.g. 1 / 0) the connection editing.


Call this method to enable / disable editing or manipulating the connection objects.  For example, if we call this function with bEnable = 0, then the popup menu that displays when the user right-mouse-button clicks over the nodes in the Connection pane, will be restricted in the following manner:

         When the user right-mouse-button clicks on the Databases folder, the popup menu is displayed with the New menu item disabled.

         When the user right-mouse-button clicks on any connection node, the popup menu is displayed with only the New and Open menu items enabled (all other menu items will be disabled).

This feature may be used in the particular case, when the host application essentially needs only one connection, and which remains constant throughout the application execution time.


ConnectionEdit method returns True if the operation is successful, otherwise False.

Note: If this method is never called, the connection editing is enabled by default.


This sample code illustates how within host application  prevent end user of performing edit operations discribed earlier in this reference.

           Private Sub Form_Load()

' Some initalization code


ELS_QBCtrl.ConnectionEdit False


End Sub