Storage and File Processing Support

ELS-QB has an internal storage mechanism that consists of a PRJ-file for each project, and CON-file for each connection node in the project. The PRJ-file essentially stores path information for the project, while a CON-file will store the following information:

        The data access connection information,

        The query information for queries created under the connection node,

We should emphasize that the CON-files are binary files and should not be edited by external text editors. The data access connection information stored in a CON-file includes all necessary data access information needed to connect to the backend database, including password (if password save feature is used in the definition of the data access connection). Note that all passwords are stored in an encrypted manner, providing some degree of security.

A CON-file stores all the saved queries under a connection node. In general, only the text of the SQL pane is stored, from which the content of the other panes is derived whenever the query is opened. Each data access connection node displayed in the ELS-QB will correspond to a separate CON-file, so that under a project subdirectory there may be several CON-files, one for each connection node.