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Article may include text and static images in GIF, JPG or PNG. Preferable type face for the regular text in the body of the document is Times New Roman, for Window or Dialog names use bold Arial font for example like this: New Connection window. The content of the article may not contain any scripting elements except HREF hyperlinks to related URLs. In this way it will be fully suitable for printing.

All code samples must be in Courier New type face and use syntax coloring if possible. For example like this

Private Sub Form_Load()
  Dim sSQL As String
  Dim nCount As Integer

End Sub
Please avoid using valuable information in your code, for example database server name, user name or passwords. All such information should be replaced with dummy names.
In the regular text, use italics for variable names used in the code, for example sSQL or nCount.

At the end of the article you may include more reference information or a logo (if you like), for example like this.

John Smith is a Sr. Software Engineer at ABC Corporation, etc. & etc.
For further information visit www.ABCCorp.biz